Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MGMT 3430 Chapter 6

1. Concept and Brief Description

Resumes are the usual way in which an applicant introduces themselves to a potential employer. Information on a resume is bias in favor of the applicant. Due to this nature employers use this information as a starting point for further investigation of the applicant. Resumes are

2. Emotional Hook (provocative question/claim/real-life problem)

Most of us have developed or reviewed a resume before. What parts of a resume seem to grab your attention, if you were an employer?

3. Key Points to Elicit in Discussion

Some things to remember:

• Resumes are biased.

• Information may be inaccurate.

• Information could be false

• They should always be accompanied by references.

• Resumes are only the beginning

4. Facilitative Questions

What format would you use when creating a resume?

What graphics or fonts do you think might stand out to an employer?

Is there a universal template for a resume?

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  1. I wish that we could get rid of resumes, they are such a formality and probably have no bearing on most of the hiring decisions that take place. Unfortunately they are still something that gets you into the door.