Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MGMT 3430 Chapter 4

1. Concept and brief Description

Job enrichment is empowering workers to take on a more personal role in their work by giving them more responsibility for their job. This is done by adding more decision-making authority to them.

2. Emotional Hook

Have you ever been in a job where all you did was the same thing over and over? You were unable to make changes to it that would improve it and your supervisors only thought of you as a person to get a job completed not a way of improving the effectiveness of a job?

3. Key points to Elicit in Discussion

According to Fredrick Herzberg’s two-factor theory people are motivated more by intrinsic aspects than by extrinsic ones. So in other words they find a sense of accomplishment when they are able to make a job theirs and they can make changes and improvements to it to make it better.

Herzberg also identified five factors he associated with a motivating job:

1. Achievement
2. Recognition
3. Growth
4. Responsibility
5. Performance of the entire job

4. Facilitative questions

IF you were in a situation where you were not satisfied by your job?

Would you try to make changes without the consent of your supervisor, or would you try to convince them it was a good idea?

How might an HRM affect this in the work place?

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  1. I like you focus on the motivation of people. I thought that was an interesting part of the chapter also. I truly believe that companies can retain their best people by providing a good career path for them even more than great pay.