Thursday, January 14, 2010

MGMT 3430 chapter 2 Reflection

Today in class we had the chance to view a video about Pikes Place Fish Market in Seattle. This was interesting to me because I work for a retailer that has used a similar video about Pikes Place to show the impact employees can have when they demonstrate great customer service. Some of the points that were made really show that all it takes in many cases is a change on the views of management. TO get to know a little bit more about Pikes Place go to the following link: . If you take some time to visit the website you can really see what this company is all about, and the effects of the different changes management made that have turned a company on the verge of closing their doors to truly a world famous company.

Other points made were:
· A desire to be world famous
· A change in the management style
· Remember employees are not just numbers

Another topic of discussion was the concept of teamwork. While in our groups we discussed this and came up with the idea that team work is not just working together on the same team, but it is multiple groups, departments and individuals working towards the meeting of a common goal by collaborating and cross training.

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