Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MGMT 3430 Chapter 10 Reflection

In class we really did not get to far into chapter 10. We had a guest speaker that had a number of different HR topics prepared. All he wqanted to know was what we really wanted to know about. Our guest speaker was John Campell. He has a Masters in HR, and has worked in the  private and public sectors as well as in goernment, manufacturing, health care, not-for-profit, and also union. He spoke to us on pay, and the impact that it has on the employees. He is under the thought that employees are not motivated by pay, ther are other intrinsic factors that motivate them to come to work and do a good job. Although he says people are not motivated by pay he did say that a company needs to be doing market pricing. They need to know what the going rate is in the area for the same work.
Before the speaker we talked about training and development. We took the two and put them up against each other and compared them.
Training                            vs.                           Development
Current                                                            Future
low use of experience                                       High use of experience
preperation for current job                                preperation for changes
Required                                                          Voluntary

We also talked about a couple of different assessment tools out there. the most used one being the Myers Briggs Type Indicator which is a personality test. We also discussed assessment center which are expencive but usefull, benchmark assessments, performance appraisals, and 360- degree feedback.

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