Monday, March 15, 2010

MGMT 3430 Chapter 14

1. Concept and Brief Description

In chapter fourteen the authors take some time to discuss the role of unions. Unions were originally organized to create a voice for the workers. This organization allowed employees the chance to share their concerns and ideas with upper management without the fear of retribution. There are a variety of different union organizations that range from teachers unions to craftsman’s unions.

2. Emotional Hook (provocative question/claim/real-life problem)

Unions are a reality. They have become deeply rooted in almost all forms of work. As an employer what might you do if there was the potential for the formation of a union in your business? As an employee, what might you do if you were approached with the chance to join a union?

3. Key Points to Elicit in Discussion

• Union dues. Being part of a union is not free.

• Collective voice. Not as much individuality.

• Potential for strikes if agreements are not made. This means no money.

• this web page has some interesting bias info on unions.

4. Facilitative Questions

I am pro-union. I feel that they have a place in many occupations, but not all. The important thing to remember is that there needs to be balance. It cannot be all take and no give on both sides of the equation.

With that said what can employers do to keep unions out of their business?

If a union formed in a business what is the business going to do to fix the problem that forced employees to act in such a manner?

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