Monday, March 15, 2010

MGMT 3430 Chapter 14 reflection

In class we talked about unions, which is what I discussed earlier. Unions have a place, and I do not see them going anywhere fast. Unions started because a company did not value their employees. These employees felt that this was the only way to get their message heard. Toward the end of class we played a little game. For this game the class was split into two groups, the union, and the company. The object of the game was to get the most points. It was supposed to reflect the process of negotiations. We had to either agree, or disagree. In this case we had no idea what we were agreeing about, so for the most part each side disagreed. About half way we came to an agreement and both sides had decided to agree, and then at the last minute the company disagreed, and we were able to take the lead. This caused there to be mistrust, and both sides disagreed until the last question, and both came to agreement.

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